American Pallet Liquidators, Inc

FAQs About Buying Discounted Liquidation Merchandise

  • What is the cost to become an APL member?

    ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! We do not charge a membership fee or a buyers premium!

  • How can I place an order?

    There are several ways to buy:

    • Purchase through our website via buy it now sales or online auctions.
    • Visit our locations in Indiana or Kentucky.
    • Contact us by phone at (502) 460-0686
    • For truckload sales contact
  • Can I pick up my order in person?

    Pallets can be picked up during normal business hours at our Jeffersonville, IN facility. Truckloads will be shipped using our logistics partners. We negotiate the lowest possible rates for freight!

  • Do I need a business license to purchase?

    If you have a valid state business license it will prevent you from paying any applicable sales tax but it is not required to make a purchase.

  • Is it possible to know the entire contents of the pallet before buying?

    APL offers both manifested and unmanifested pallets and truckloads.

    In the case of manifested goods, you will be able to get a fairly detailed list of items included. The manifests will typically include quantity and cost of each item as well as a description of the merchandise.

    In the case of unmanifested pallets and truckloads, we will do our best to describe the mix of products, provide many pictures and a detailed description, but APL does not inspect or go through these pallets in detail making it impossible to have a list of all items contained on the pallet or truckload.

  • How can I obtain a shipping quote?

    Shipping costs are based on the destination of the goods, the type of delivery location and the weight or quantity of goods being shipped.

    You may obtain a shipping quote by emailing the following information to us.

    • What type of pallet or truckload you are purchasing?
    • How many pallets you are purchasing?
    • Where we are delivering (ie: to a business or to a residential address*) and whether you need a lift gate or not
    • The zip code of the delivery location
      • A residential delivery signifies delivery to any house, apartment complex or other residence.
      • A commercial delivery signifies delivery to any business location, storage unit, warehouse or store.
      • A lift-gate is an addition to a truck that lowers a pallet to the ground. Click here for more information.

    Please note: All shipping quotes obtained are only quotes and are to be confirmed once your order is placed.

  • What payment methods are accepted?
    • Cash in person
    • VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express debit and credit cards
    • Bank Wire
  • What are Customer Returns?

    Customer returns are items that have been purchased either from a brick and mortar store location or an online/ecommerce marketplace.  The condition of these items varies greatly based on the retailers specific return policy.  The more strict the return policy the better the quality of returned merchandise (typically but not always).  The merchandise contained in a customer return lot or truckload is not always 100% customer returns.  Often times retailers mix overstock, seasonal, shelf pull and new merchandise in with returned merchandise.  Customer returns are not for everyone as these lots and truckloads require processing, testing and minor repairs of the merchandise to maximize your profit.

  • Is there a warranty on the items?

    All customer return goods are always sold with no warranty or guarantee. Any warranties found with the goods are invalid and cannot legally be used. For most lots and truckloads the buyers is required to deface UPC bar codes and remove stickers form the merchandise before reselling.

  • What condition are the items in?

    This depends on the type of lot or truckload you purchase.  Overstock and shelf pull lots will contain less than 5% damage.  Customer returns will typically have a mixture of items in various conditions and damage rates vary based on the retailers specific return policy.

    • Defective and/or broken and returned by the customer
    • Minor Cosmetic defects such as scratches or dents.
    • Out of its original package or box
    • Missing items such as remotes or hardware
    • Items used by the store as a display
    • Damaged or destroyed packaging
    • Items removed from the shelf by the retailer
    • Retailer is overstocked in the specific item or it’s out of season
    • The manufacturer has discontinued the items.
    • The UPC barcode has been defaced and cannot be scanned at the register by the retailer.
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